Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 08 with Nover!!


jskrill said...

good fight against kaplan

will said...

Good stuff man!!!!!!!!

wulph said...

Nice costumes man. I know you're the best 155er in the house. I believe you can knock em all out!.^_^ You've got an amazing power on those hands of yours. Like Big Nog said, you punch like a heavyweight! I hope I could see you fightlive. Probably when the UFC comes here in the Philippines and you're blasting the 155 division to fight for the championship. I really hope Brandon Vera would fight the way he used to.. I support you all the way Phillipe.

Showing some love from
Baguio City, Philippines.

Wulph said...

ey Phillipe. Hmm..just curious i saw someone in your group shot the "KC" she the ummmm...hmmm..the kasey? the kasey that appeared in some _____ flicks? hehe..I don't know how to say it man. but you know what i mean.^_^ I stand to be corrected if i'm wrong. just curious anyway..i hope she won't read this..^_^