Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Episode 07

Let me start by saying that with all the hype and talk that Junie
promoted himself he should have beat Roli in the first round. Junie
was first pick overall and fought the last pick overall. Either Roli
was just better than everyone expected or Junie really wasn't as
good as he said he was. I chose the latter. He was upset with his
performance and so was Mir. I would be too if I was him. He barely
won the fight. Junie only has a few weeks to heal and sharpen up his
skills before the semi's. I remember him coming home after the fight
with huge ankle from getting and giving kicks.. I can honestly say
Roli might have humbled him a bit. Might I emphasis the words "a bit"
especially for a guy like Junie. I give respect to Roli for being the
underdog and fighting his heart out. He also has many tools he must
improve including his stand up and over all strength. I just know Roli
is the kind of person to take that fight home to the drawing board,
except his flaws, and come back better.

I guess you can finally see my baking abilities. I can't tell you how
much my girlfriend laughed after seeing my cake for big Nog. All I can
say is it came from the heart. I'm not the most experienced baker but
I tried. Looks can be deceiving. Nog and the team said my cake was
tasty! Jules cake was even better with all that cookie dough inside!
Man I'm getting hungry writing this. Nog must have really liked us to
come over for his birthday. He could have done anything else. But he
came over to share his moment with us. Again I must say how proud I am
to be on the red team. After hearing the comments from Nelson and
Vinny I couldn't stop laughing. They called us gay and said we take
showers together! haha. The blue team is just a bunch of haters! They
wish they had the love we had! Just because we all fight in a cage for
living doesn't mean we can't show some love for each other. Of coarse
in a completely straight and non-gay fashion! We really did cook,
clean, eat, train, go to sleep and wake up together! In different beds
of course! It made time go by faster and helped a lot.

I never knew that Vinny and Nog had a fall out like that. I know Vinny
can run his mouth a bit sometimes. He talks much about the "girls"
which is funny. In the Philippines we'd call Vinny a Playboy. He's
the kind of guy that young girls want, but mothers should watch out
for. I do think that Vinny's Jiu-Jitsu level is world class. He
really is a freak of nature on the ground. But you should never
disrespect the world champ. He did call Nog's Jiu-Jistu "basic". You
really have to watch what you say on reality TV. Everything is
captured. Vinny is still a little fish in MMA compared to Big Nog -the
great white shark! He did apologies for his actions and I don't know
if they made up off camera.

Jules is a really nice guy. I'm sad to say that his skill level wasn't
up to par with most of the guys on the show. Especially his ground
game. He was pretty much a white belt on the ground. He had absolutely
no chance on the ground against Vinny. He did have a chance on the
feet with him. But he didn't execute the plan. He was suppose to throw
his hands. Let his strikes go and stay away from the clinch or any
take downs. I thought the game plan was stick and move. I think was
overwhelmed and was afraid to commit punches. I think he threw 2
punches in the whole fight.

Next week the light weights go at it! I can't wait!


Argie said...

awesome stuff! great to see insight into the show!

StaredownStudios said...

Hey Phillipe!

Thanks again for the awesome insight on your blog.

I thought this weeks episode was a little lackluster in terms of talent. Jules wasn't very confident in any aspect of fighting and it was really obvious in his fight.

Vinny is obviously good on the ground, but I really dislike the guy. It may just be the editing, but he comes across as a real douche and I am personally pulling for him to get beat in the semi's.

Nice cake!

Andrew said...

Hi Phillipe,

I read that there is a fighter in the 155 category who is really awesome. Dana was raving about someone in this series and Frank Mir said that we won't get to see much of him. But since then it's gone quiet.

Early on I had a sneaking suspicion it would be you and now, having seen Junie fight, my money is on you being the new "St. Pierre" of the 155 division.

Good luck in the final ;-).