Sunday, July 18, 2010


Announcement! (Short notice) I will be hosting a Ground Fighting

MONDAY July 19 7pm - 930 pm at ULTIMATE KARATE USA 1950 3rd ave/ corner 107th st, 3rd flr NYC 10029

$50 per person.

Participants and spectators who wish to attend can call 212-426-4666

website or!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brooklyn MMA

Congrats to the guys at Brooklyn Mixed Martial Arts on Thursday Feb 18th. I gave some over due stripes to the team. I've been teaching here at BMMA for the last few months and I'm having a great time. The team is determined, talented, and have great potential. I look forward to working with the guys in the future. Keep up the good work! For more information on BMMA go to

Monday, February 8, 2010

My thoughts on the fight with Emerson.

I am going to start off by saying that I felt 100% healthy before the fight, I had no injuries and I have no excuses on losing the fight. Before the fight I felt very relaxed and had a great warm up. I entered the cage confident and excited.

The fight as I can remember it:

When the 1st round started I remember throwing a few punches and missing a kick. Then slipping and he encroached on top and I went to guard. He laid on me and attempted to land a few shots. I got up and caged walked. I attempted a really tight guillotine choke but he was so slippery and sweaty. I did manage to sweep him using the choke. He caged walked up and we restarted in the clinch.

In the second round I remember getting caught with a few blows and winding up in my guard then I think he passed my guard to side control and I regained my guard again. During that time he landed a few strikes. One of which I think my nose started to bleed.

In the third round I remember trying to again go for a guillotine and he getting out of it. I clinched him up and kneed him a few times. He scored a double leg take down on me and I tried to get up. He felt pretty strong in the clinch. All three judges scored the bout 29, 28 Emerson.

It was a very very close fight. Some websites scored it it my favor like Sherdog, Well beyond that I of coarse shouldn’t have left it to the judges. Emerson was a conservative grind fighter. I was always looking for the finish. He fought his fight and I fought mine. My hat goes off to him.

I am really not unhappy with my performance. I know I will repeat to myself I should have done this or I could have done that but that doesn’t matter anymore. Its time now to review my mistakes and continue training. I don’t know what my future holds but I know whatever happens after today I will be happy and make the best of it!

I would like to give a special thanks to many people in preparation for this fight. First and foremost my coach Clarence “Cee” Everette who helped me more than anyone has ever done in my professional fight career. I would like to thank Nardu Debrah for helping me with some great combination which I executed during the bout. And a very special thanks to my newest coach Dave Esposito who brought my wrestling level to new heights.

I would like to thank Jamal Paterson and his students out in Teterboro. Jason Strout and Chris Romulos at Church St Boxing. My conditioning coach Brian Donnelly for preparing my body to be in superb shape. Also thank you Kieth Trimble and Kenny Willies and all the guys at Bellmore Kickboxing. Also a special thanks to Soca BJJ and the UDS /Insight Team.

Thank you PR Cole for helping with my nutrition and weight cutting issue. Thanks Dr Bernard Yonk, Dr. Tom Ferraro and Dr. Pietro Baio for all your help!

Thank you to all the friends to came down to see the fight in Vegas. Thanks to all the fans back at home and around the globe (Philippines and Saipan) Thank you to my family and friends who are supportive of my dream! Also thanks for the support from my students and friends Brooklyn Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bleacher report!