Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Episode 08

This episode was one of my favorite's so far, mainly because it was
the episode I fought on!. I'm greatly satisfied by SPIKE tv's editors.
They included some great clippings of my training and confessionals! I
believe that people got the chance to see an accurate portrayal of the
real me.

Now, let's start from the top..

If you're ever on a reality TV show, don't eat other people's food! I
learned it this the hard way. People ask me, "Didn't you taste it?"
and my answer is always the same,"No". I really couldn't taste the
urine at all. It tasted just fine. And, might I also add -this was
the first time I ate Tom Lawyers fruit. I never "pillaged" it with my
teammates before. I suffered the consequences though and took full
responsibility for it.

After the fruit platter incident I decided along with my teammates to
add some special white Wasabie sauce compliments of Kyle Kingsberry to
be added to my sushi. It was a disgusting idea. However the rule was
stated: "You shouldn't eat other people's food." So we went along with
it. I personally couldn't add my own sauce because I didn't think I
could let one out while thinking I was going to use it to sabotage a
sushi platter. Fortunately, my good friend Kyle had no problem with
that. The incident when Kaplan ate the sushi actually occurred weeks
after we fought. Editing made it seem that Kaplan ate it before hand.
Good job to the editors. It took about 3 to 4 days before Kaplan
actually ate the sushi but he did. He loved sushi just as much as I
did! Especially those Phillipe Nover California Rolls. =)

Side note to my Filipino readers. If you look at the bathroom scene
where we are setting up the sushi, check out the red and blue sign on
the left. It says "Sipag at Tiyaga" in yellow. (Hard work and patience
in Tagalog.) I made that sign out of foam. Although it fell apart,
when it was up I thought it would bring some good spirits to our team.

Can someone say "Balut"? Watching that scene made me hungry. This
unhatched duck egg / fetus is really tasty and I recommend all the
readers to go out and buy one! Side note. Nogueira and Leota Machida
ate them also on Big Nog's birthday before dinner. I remember Machida
Swallowed the whole thing with no hesitation! He's the man! He would
have eaten the shell to if I didn't tell him to peel it. Warrior's
food baby!

Junie did confess his thoughts to me about Kaplan. A small betrayal.
Surprisingly Iike I stated before. Junie and I got along just fine.
He's a good kid who "just needs some love." haha. Him giving me a
small snippet of how Kaplan fights and what his weakness were gave me
a boast of confidence. However, I think the fight would have gone the
same way even if he didn't mention to me how Kaplan fights.

People ask me. "Why did you submit him instead of grounding and
pounding him for a TKO?" You have to remember that you need to be
ready for the next fight injury free. I didn't want to risk hurting my
hand and be injured in the semi's. I went into this fight with
strategy. Making sure I can get the win without getting hurt. A
submission was the best way in doing that. I was surprised at Mir that
he thought I didn't use strategy to beat Kaplan. He said "Phillipe
just took something that Kaplan gave him." That's not true. Kaplan
didn't give me anything. I earned that victory with elements of speed
and power. No one can truthfully deny that and downgrade that victory.
This wasn't Bonner and Griffin. It wasn't close. It wasn't a war. I
walked over him in just over a minute. He should just accept it! That
is the only way to grow from a loss. Accept it and come back stronger.
I am a better fighter. Plain and simple. We could fight 10 times and
I'd beat him 10 times. I'm not saying Kaplan is not a good fighter. I
think he is. I think he is really good fighter for getting that far. I
just proved that I'm better. To this day Kaplan has not given my the
credit I deserve.

I can now see why Junie took my side before the fight. I agree with
Junie when he stated that Kaplan is a know it all and needed to be
humbled. Before every training lesson and fight I empty my cup and
fill it up again with even better more improved knowledge.
Unfortunately for Dave, his cup is always full.

As you all can see Dana was really impressed by me. I'm glad he
enjoyed the fight. After all, he's the man you want to impress! When
he said I remind him of a young GSP I thought to myself. Those are
some really big shoes to fill. The pressure is on now. I really want
to show the world that I'm not the next GSP. I am Phillipe Nover. I
want to pave my own path in MMA. I have a lot of respect for GSP as a
fighter. He is someone that I look up to and I'm glad Dana
can categorize me the way he did. But I still have a lot of growing to
do as a fighter and a person.

I would also like to shout out all the male nurses out there. Males
can be nurses and still be cool! Not everyone is a "Foker." Thanks for
reading my blog guys.


ryuta said...

hey dude, just came across your blog after watching tonight's episode and wanted to give some props. i'm japanese, but grew up with a ton of filipinos out in san jose, california. i can't believe you showed balut on national tv!! and did that hat say mahal kita lola?

anyways, too bad about the fruit, keep it real, and good luck.

Street Sign Project said...

Big fans of TUF/UFC/MMA.
LOVE the Balut scene!Hillarious! Thx for sharing our culture to the MMA World. Best of Luck to you!
We'll def. keep an eye out for you!
All the best!
Bern & Boysie
fOLDED crew

trebonious said...

that was a total domination.

I am a longtime fight nerd, and i have several fighter friends, but it never ceases to amaze me how fucking nuts you all are. A special breed indeed.

Chi Rivera said...

I saw you fight yesterday and you did great! When you introduced balut, i miss balut haha. Im so happy that your proud to be a Pinoy! astig! good luck dude.

-Pinoy from Richmond,VA

LT said...

Phillipe-I wouldn't worry about the fruit incident. Urine is sterile:

jrq16 said...

Hey Phil,

I, in the past admired Frank Mir. But after that episode I’d have to say I lost a great deal of respect for him for what he said. You earned that victory. Mir showed very poor sportsmanship.

David Kaplan is a different story. He’s just a poor loser. I’m sure he’s a overall good fighter, but just not on your level.

Great episode and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Hoping to see you at Newark on Saturday.

Congratulations on your victory.

Marlboro NJ

Brix said...

champ! can you speak tagalog? you really make us proud to be a Filipino and as your countrymen we are proud for you. MMA is not that big yet here in the Philippines but with what you've been showing for sure it will match or even surpass the popularity of boxing and I'm really excited as an MMA fan to see a fellow Filipino succeed and become a world champion. Idol! Galingan mo!

Peter said...

Dude, the balut scene just kiiiillled me! I can't believe how gung-ho some of the guys were in eating that; especially Kyle! The dude makes me laugh like crazy. Warrior's food, indeed!

Regarding your fight, I must say, it was awesome. Not only did you project our Filipino warrior mentality, but you projected it with grace and skill earning you the victory! You also put out the statement that Asian Americans, as well, could make it to the UFC. In my opinion, you not only made Filipinos proud, but Asians as a whole.

Keep it up, Phillipe. Good luck in the future.


Andrew said...

Hey Phillipe,

Great fight. I knew you were "the next GSP" that Dana was on about (check out my comment on Episode 7 ;-) ).

You just totally rocked Kaplan. I think it was a weak cover for him to say he was testing his chin vs your power, duh! No one taking a fight seriously would do that with so much on the line.

I think Junie was right in that Kaplan is a good talker and sold himself to Mir as the best 155er in the house.

Looking forward to more.

All the best bro.


Carlito's Way said...

Kumustá Phillipe.
Congratulations on the awesome fight. I didn't realize you were Pinoy until the balut scene. That was hilarious.
Good luck with your upcoming fights.
Let me know if you come to Vancouver,Canada. Maybe you can do a seminar at my BJJ club.
Make us proud bro! Mabuhay!


"Ang hindî marunong lumingón sa pinanggalingan ay hindî makaráratíng sa paroroonan." (Jose Rizal)

Joey said...

I've been watching the show and thought to myself, are any of these guys filipino? Very important since I'm filipino. Then I saw you making balute! No way! Yup! Question answered! After seeing your two fights on the show, I have become a huge fan! I look forward to following your career and can't wait until the UFC heads to the PI. REPRESENT PHILLIPE!

aSIMULAtor said...

wow, that was a totally dominating fight. your punching accuracy is phenomenal!

also funny you brought balut :D i guess it would be considered a good fighter's snack, being high in protein :)

Rolling DeathLock said...

damn man you repped nursing, ate balut, and walked right over your opponent all in one episode. good showing.

L said...

Yeah man you rocked! Keep it up! Esp the balut thing haha

- Abe, Baguio City, Philippines

Prodigy said...

Man, you make me proud being a Pinoy! Astig ka!

War Phillipe!!!

decaauto said...

While I was watching your fight with Kaplan I was picturing everything you should do and you were doing it to the tee. I'm definitely a fan now because I can tell you fight with all heart and as if your life was on the line. I can also tell you're a ground fighter even though you're proficient standing up. Its also cool for me because I'm a filipino RN, 5'9" and 155.

Good luck with your MMA career, I'll be keeping track of you and Brandon Vera for sure.

Harold said...

the hell's a foker?

doctor333 said...

Great fight against Kaplan Phillipe. Keep up the good work. Loved the Balut scene! I knew you had to be Filipino when the balut came out. I must say it is pretty good with a little bit of salt with the soup inside. Hope to see you at the top, and thanks for representing Filipino Americans in the UFC proudly.