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MMA INTERVIEW: UFC's Phillipe Nover (

MMA INTERVIEW: UFC's Phillipe Nover

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Ultimate Fighter Finalist Phillipe Nover: The Next GSP Will BRB“Adversity does not build character. It reveals it.”
Straight From DSource: Phillipe Nover Post Ultimate Fighter Finale Interview

He didn’t even know he was fighting in the main card of the Ultimate Fighter finale until a friend told him not long before his fight, but just like how his profession as an Emergency room nurse demands, Phillipe Nover is always ready for whatever.

Dana White must’ve really meant what he said about Phillipe Nover looking like the next GSP that he actually bumped up Nover’s lightweight finals match against Efrain Escudero as the main event of that evening. It was supposedly Nover’s coming out party, apparently though nobody sent the memo to Escudero.

Escudero handed Nover’s first ever loss as a pro MMA fighter. He exposed Nover’s technical flaws by wrestling and taking him down constantly almost at will during the first two rounds while timing his strikes. In the third round however, Nover made a gallant stand and even almost pulled out a submission as Escudero clung on to his win in the dying seconds of the round. “I fought my heart out man. I really just wanted to fight real hard. I wanted to throw fists, but strategically, I didn’t think it through I guess as much as I should have. All the wealth to him; He definitely deserves to win.” Nover told me when I spoke to him to get his thoughts after the biggest fight of his life.

It has been a roller coaster year for Nover. He gave up his day job as an Emergency nurse to pursue his career as a professional fighter and chase his dreams that ultimately led to the sport’s biggest stage. He caught the eyes of not only the fans that watched the Ultimate Fighter show on Spike TV but also the big names of the sport itself such as Nogueira and the aforementioned Dana White. Despite his recent loss however, the future seems bright for Nover. For now though, life goes on and there are pieces that need to be picked up.

“It’s definitely a roller coaster. I couldn’t even explain it any better than that. I was at my biggest high coming off the show, coming home and training for the big fight, then taking my first loss on such a big stage- it was kind of heartbreaking.” Nover said.

“People I guess think that big time UFC stars, especially coming from the Ultimate Fighter that we’re supposed to be these big time celebrities, but the truth is, I’m an every day normal guy. I just have some talent and a drive to fight and win. I’m here actually back in the hospital working. I’m getting some shifts in because obviously I didn’t win… there’s still bills to be paid. When I got out of the show, I basically moved out of my own house and moved back to my mom’s, so I can quit my job and train. I had to rely on my mother and father on a lot of things especially financially that’s why I give them a lot of respect for that. It was a big roller coaster on the downhill right now, but I’m going to get over this. After the holiday season I’ll pick up the training. I’m going to come out there stronger than ever.”

Dubbed as “The Filipino Assassin” Phillipe does not have to go far for inspiration. Filipino boxer and current pound for pound king of the sport Manny Pacquiao suffered three losses on his way to becoming boxing’s best. “Manny Pacquiao is definitely a great inspiration, especially the week before I fought he fought in Vegas and straight up abused Oscar De la Hoya, and I wanted to keep that fire going but I couldn’t. I couldn’t keep the wins going, although I fought real hard, I couldn’t pull out the victory.” Nover added. Even in defeat, Nover just like Pacquiao kept his Filipino fans that stood by him first. He was thankful to everyone that supported him throughout his Ultimate Fighter run. He appreciates everybody that sent emails and promised to do his best to do everyone proud.

It’s only just begun. With his impressive performances all throughout the Ultimate Fighter series, fans can definitely bank on the fact that you have not seen the last of Phillipe Nover- not even close. Phillipe is going to restart training after the holidays and hopefully fight around March in a UFC card. With the way he has handled adversity though, there is no mistake that this kid is definitely a winner.

(Go to 8CN’s podcast page to listen to my full interview with Phillipe after his fight against Escudero)

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Credit to big Nog!

I would like to give credit to coach Nogueira. He put up a great fight. I really felt it in my heart when he lost. Not only is he a great fighter but to me he was a great person. He is such an asset to the sport. He is a warrior at heart and I know this is only a bump in the road. He will return stronger, faster, and better. Mir has great striking ability which he improved tremendously. Nogueira will be back with even great improvements!

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Congratulations to Efrain Escudero

Congratulations to Efrain Escudero on becoming the TUF 8 lightweight champion. I never thought I would be saying that but what is done is done. It was an honor to fight and lose a great warrior. I am truly happy for him and he deserves the victory. He strategical won the fight with the use of timing my attacks and going in for the take down. I do feel heart broken from the lose but I am not disappointed in myself. I truly tried my best to defeat him. I left everything in the cage that night. I'm proud to have fought live on spike tv in the UFC and even further to have been the main event. I have so much growing to do in this sport and I am going to continue to get better. I will work on my wrestling like no other. Thank you all for your support. I guarantee I will not let you guys down on my next bout.

The greatest lessons are learned at the lowest points. In this case I learned so much about myself, my team, my family, and my friends. Win or lose I know who are people supporting me. Thank you all especially to those who came to see me
live in Las Vegas!

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Asian Journal Article

Check out the picture on the top right and skip to page four.

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Soca gave me my black belt on Dec 6th!!!!

My teacher Soca gave me my black belt today. It has been a long journey and I have finally arrived. I've been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for over 8 years. To me, obtaining a black belt brings the art to full circle. I will continue to train just as hard as I have been and will strive to the top. Thank you to all my training partners and teachers, especially Soca for believing in me! I only hope to make you all proud next week and bring home victory! I will keep this fire in me burning. My time is now!

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Training for the Efrain!

I do 16 laps with the "Kalabaw" also known as the water buffalo around the farm. Then I pick him up on my shoulders and do 40 squats. It's a great work out! (This is in the Philippines on my cousins farm in a province called Nueva Ecija. )

Interview from

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This afternoon I got a chance to meet up with The Ultimate Fighter 8 lightweight finalist Phillipe "The Filipino Assassin" Nover at Fighthouse in New York City. (Coincidentally, this is the gym where I've been taking Muay Thai lessons for the last two months. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm pretty badass.) Anyway, Nover was cool enough to chat with me about his match-up with Efrain Escudero at the TUF 8 finale next Saturday, working as a registered nurse, living without bathroom privacy as a reality TV star, and his official prediction for Bader vs. Vinny; he also had a special shout-out for his Filipino fans. Later, he hit pads and rolled with a couple guys from his Team Insight crew, and tried to stay loose despite the fact that we were surrounded by a bunch of dudes with sniper rifles and one guy who was, no shit, wearing a terrorist-style dynamite vest (proof at the end of the video). Never a dull moment at Fighthouse. Thanks to Spike TV for the invite.


Episodes 11 and 12

First, let me start by apologizing for the late blog post. I received the DVD the day of the episode and I’ve been so busy.

Episodes 11 and 12.

Bader vs. Marshall -

I thought Bader did his thing. He is a great wrestler with unbelievable power! It wasn’t the most exiting fight but he pulled out the win! I personally thought Elliot should have thrown less high kicks and stay in ow stances and focus on the punching. All the credit to Bader. I wasn’t happy how Mir said Bader wasn’t a good fighter and that he was just a wrestler. That was plain wrong — Bader is a great fighter!

Myself vs. Roop -

Going into the fight I had so much respect for Roop. He was a great person to hang around with. It’s so much easier fighting someone who you don’t like. But I liked the guy. We shared food and chatted all the time. I had to put that aside. The other obstacle in my mind before the fight was how tough Roop was mentally. His thumb was really bad and lot of fighters would have backed out. He had a war with Polakowski a week before he had to throw down with me and has no hesitation in doing so. He is one tough dude. In fact, after the win, I went over to him and called him “The toughest dude in the house” but that wasn’t shown. He really was the toughest.

The strategy I had was to go out there and overwhelm him with big shots — and sub him. I wanted to cut the distance fast and stay out of his kicking range. I was swept and stayed cool. As soon as I locked that Kimura I stayed relaxed and slowly adjusted my hips and legs. Right after the fight I felt so free. It was the last day living in the house and a few hours later I was able to call my family and friends.

Side note: The actual fights occurred as follows: Wednesday: Bader vs. Marshall then Efrain vs. Junie. Thursday: Myself vs. Roop and then Krzysztof vs. Vinny. This also meant I didn’t sleep much on Wednesday night before the semi’s. There were only four fighters left in the house who needed to fight and I was one of them. Everyone else was in crazy party drinking mode. Wednesday was nuts! I had to put in ear plugs and cover my head with a pillow. Then I moved my mattress into the closet to stay away from the singing.

After the fight, Dana had some more great words about me. He really thinks I’m a great fighter. He even said “I think this guy is one of the best fighters ever to get on this show.” This really blew my mind. I was silent for a minute just thinking it over. It’s a lot of pressure but I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Training everyday like my life depends on it.

Vinny vs. Krzysztof -

Again I can add that Vinny is a beast on the ground! His guard is nuts. Once in his guard the trouble begins. Props to both fighters.

Efrain vs. Junie -

I like the way Dana handled Junie this season. He knew Junie wanted an out and if would have gotten thrown out he would have left with all his pride. Dana didn’t let that happen.

As for the fight itself, Efrain played it smart. I knew Junie wasn’t going to take Efrain down. When I saw Junie shoot in and Efrain stuff it, I knew it was going to end soon. The elbow strikes when Junie shot in were genius. Junie said some things after the fight that made him look even worse. I know he didn’t mean he was going to give up fighting. He’s on the card against Kaplan!

The finals -

Efrain and I are good friends. We slept in the same room. We cooked together. We chatted all day. We know a lot about each other. I respect him as a fighter and as a man. It’s all business when the cage door shuts. He knows it and I know it. I am honored to fight him.

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New 8 count interview!!!