Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saipan in 3 nights

I have to say. My stay in Saipan was short and sweet. I love it there. The treatment from the guys at Gorilla Warfare MMA was superb. Jeff, Norman, and the guys made my stay in Saipan a memorable one.

The Island is pretty small with only about 62,000 people. It was weird for me at first. I've never been to a place like this. Everyone knows each other. But after a few days here I realized I had a good feeling about this. It all felt like family. The people here in Saipan are really tight, laid back, chill, and welcoming. I definitely felt comfortable and at home. Not to mention they really give a lot of respect to fighters. A lot of people here know the UFC like a New Yorker knows the Yankees. I did lots of media here. Newpapers, two radio shows, local tv news, and appearances all over. I even met the Governor Benigno Fitial!

The surroundings here are incredible if you haven't already checked some of my pictures. A lot are breath taking. A big change from the views I get in Brooklyn. And I have to rate the beaches here a 10 out of 10. They're private, clean, and the water is so clear and warm.

I attended the Gorilla Warfare show called Confrontation. I was impressed with a few fighters that really put it out there. Most of the fights didn't make it past the first round. The last few fights were great. I even reffed a fight between two local Saipan guys Mai Thai and Nate. The winner Nate was only 18 years old and had 4 pro fights already. Lots of potential there. John Tuck had a great performance and landed a straight right on my Filipino brother Eduard the Landslide Folayang in only a few seconds. I was hoping to see a longer fight but all the credit to Tuck. Hes got a powerful right cross. I know Landslide will be back and ready to kick butt in his next one.

Overall my trip was just what I needed before I start my official training camp in New York for my fight on February 6th against Rob Emerson. Thank you to all the friends I made in Saipan for your support! I now know I have a home on this little rock in the middle of the Pacific. As MacArthur said "I shall return!"- I sure hope I can. hehe