Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Episode 06

Junie was really dying to fight ASAP. He was going to explode if he
didn't get in that cage soon. As you all can see Junie decided to pick
Delgado. It was a smart pick for him. Delgado didn't win his fight to
get in the house so Junie thought he would be an easy kill. On the
show the editing made Delgado's black belt look really fake. From a
first hand experience and rolling with the guy, I can see he really
did deserve a black belt. Black belts come at all different levels. He
might not be in the ranks of Vinny or Elliot on the show but he sure
did feel like a black belt. I also do think he had way better
Jiu-Jitsu then Junie. That's why during the fight Junie never wanted
hit the ground with Delgado.

Junie is just full of surprises. The incident where he pulled out the
black belt and spit on it wasn't only disrespectful to Roli. He
disrespected the art itself and all the black belts in the room. All I
remember is Anderson Silva that day looking really pissed off and
saying something in Portuguese that probably meant "That guy Junie is
a an asshole." Anderson Silva is the last person you ever want to piss
off. Junie doesn't seem to have a problem with that. Even Mir himself
didn't approve of his antics. However he also didn't punish him for
it. If I was Mir I would refuse to teach him and corner him.

I never understood this concept a lot of fighters display. That is
downgrading your opponents abilities before the fight to make yourself
look better. What this actually does is make your opponent look
unskilled and if you beat him, so what. You just beat someone who you
said "sucks" anyway. So how much better can you be if you accused your
opponent of "sucking." The smart fighter would not underestimate an
adversary. Instead praise him up for being well skilled in his craft
and formidable in the cage. This way when you beat him it only makes
you look better because you beat someone who is good. So you must be
really good at fighting. Anyone can beat a scrub so why call your
opponent a scrub?

The fight went the distance. I didn't think Junie had the conditioning
to go the full three rounds but he did. With all that drinking
alcohol and eating frozen pizzas he still managed to pull out a
victory. Junie is pretty athletic but he would be so much better if
he just focused and cleaned up his act. I really wanted Delgado to
win that fight. They both fought there hearts out. I have to hand it
to them. For the days following the fight they were both really beat
up limping around the house. I know Junie went to the hospital for an
almost broken ankle and Delgado had two black eyes.


Layne said...

I couldn't believe he did that. It's a bit sad that this season has turned into "what BS is Junie Browning going to do next?" I really hope that stuff stops, it was one of the worst things I've ever seen someone do... I'm sure Delgado worked very hard for his BJJ black belt. To disrespect him like that... well I saw Nog & Silva's reaction.

trebonious said...

Some guys just don't get that they're supposed to be sportsmen, martial artists even. They're thugs that think they can turn MMA into a job that gives them an excuse to be round the clock assholes. When was the last time you saw one of those constantly-acting-out thugs become one of the best in the sport.. never.

Tito said...

I was just laughing when Roli, in two instances, did a shinblock that had Junie hitting his ankle clean on Roli's knee (the beauty of the lazy shinblock).

I just noticed that Roli's footwork went out the door after the 1st round, and I really wanted him to win. His hands dropped after that too and he lacked any head movement whatsoever, which made me sad to sort of know who was going to win.

On a side-note, I can only imagine the attention you'll be getting from Filipino networks once they truly find out of your involvement in TUF. Yea, that's right, I watch TFC. HAHAHA