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MMA INTERVIEW: UFC's Phillipe Nover (

MMA INTERVIEW: UFC's Phillipe Nover

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Ultimate Fighter Finalist Phillipe Nover: The Next GSP Will BRB“Adversity does not build character. It reveals it.”
Straight From DSource: Phillipe Nover Post Ultimate Fighter Finale Interview

He didn’t even know he was fighting in the main card of the Ultimate Fighter finale until a friend told him not long before his fight, but just like how his profession as an Emergency room nurse demands, Phillipe Nover is always ready for whatever.

Dana White must’ve really meant what he said about Phillipe Nover looking like the next GSP that he actually bumped up Nover’s lightweight finals match against Efrain Escudero as the main event of that evening. It was supposedly Nover’s coming out party, apparently though nobody sent the memo to Escudero.

Escudero handed Nover’s first ever loss as a pro MMA fighter. He exposed Nover’s technical flaws by wrestling and taking him down constantly almost at will during the first two rounds while timing his strikes. In the third round however, Nover made a gallant stand and even almost pulled out a submission as Escudero clung on to his win in the dying seconds of the round. “I fought my heart out man. I really just wanted to fight real hard. I wanted to throw fists, but strategically, I didn’t think it through I guess as much as I should have. All the wealth to him; He definitely deserves to win.” Nover told me when I spoke to him to get his thoughts after the biggest fight of his life.

It has been a roller coaster year for Nover. He gave up his day job as an Emergency nurse to pursue his career as a professional fighter and chase his dreams that ultimately led to the sport’s biggest stage. He caught the eyes of not only the fans that watched the Ultimate Fighter show on Spike TV but also the big names of the sport itself such as Nogueira and the aforementioned Dana White. Despite his recent loss however, the future seems bright for Nover. For now though, life goes on and there are pieces that need to be picked up.

“It’s definitely a roller coaster. I couldn’t even explain it any better than that. I was at my biggest high coming off the show, coming home and training for the big fight, then taking my first loss on such a big stage- it was kind of heartbreaking.” Nover said.

“People I guess think that big time UFC stars, especially coming from the Ultimate Fighter that we’re supposed to be these big time celebrities, but the truth is, I’m an every day normal guy. I just have some talent and a drive to fight and win. I’m here actually back in the hospital working. I’m getting some shifts in because obviously I didn’t win… there’s still bills to be paid. When I got out of the show, I basically moved out of my own house and moved back to my mom’s, so I can quit my job and train. I had to rely on my mother and father on a lot of things especially financially that’s why I give them a lot of respect for that. It was a big roller coaster on the downhill right now, but I’m going to get over this. After the holiday season I’ll pick up the training. I’m going to come out there stronger than ever.”

Dubbed as “The Filipino Assassin” Phillipe does not have to go far for inspiration. Filipino boxer and current pound for pound king of the sport Manny Pacquiao suffered three losses on his way to becoming boxing’s best. “Manny Pacquiao is definitely a great inspiration, especially the week before I fought he fought in Vegas and straight up abused Oscar De la Hoya, and I wanted to keep that fire going but I couldn’t. I couldn’t keep the wins going, although I fought real hard, I couldn’t pull out the victory.” Nover added. Even in defeat, Nover just like Pacquiao kept his Filipino fans that stood by him first. He was thankful to everyone that supported him throughout his Ultimate Fighter run. He appreciates everybody that sent emails and promised to do his best to do everyone proud.

It’s only just begun. With his impressive performances all throughout the Ultimate Fighter series, fans can definitely bank on the fact that you have not seen the last of Phillipe Nover- not even close. Phillipe is going to restart training after the holidays and hopefully fight around March in a UFC card. With the way he has handled adversity though, there is no mistake that this kid is definitely a winner.

(Go to 8CN’s podcast page to listen to my full interview with Phillipe after his fight against Escudero)


Don said...

Phillippe, you just didn't seem to have the fire in the first 2 rounds that you had displayed in your previous fights. In those you seemed angry like you wanted to storm through your opponent, which is what you did. Hopefully this will be a great lesson as you continue your career. You are definately one of my favorite new fighters to watch. Good luck.

Phillipe Nover said...

Thanks Don. Have a great new year!

VonDeeZy said...

Yo, Phillipe. I have to agree with Don, you looked a bit tentative and that's why he predicted your attacks accurately. I'm not an expert or anything, but I still think the way you came out on the third round was great.I was screaming like a little b**** in my living room when you were trying to pull what it looked like to be a gogoplata, haha. I have much respect for the way you came out on the third round, good job on not giving up. Welp, I'll be looking forward for your next fights. good luck on your future endeavors and I would go to one of your seminars but I'm stuck in California with no way to make it across the country to New York. I do hope to meet you soon, like I said before, you're my new favorite fighter. take care bro.