Friday, December 5, 2008

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This afternoon I got a chance to meet up with The Ultimate Fighter 8 lightweight finalist Phillipe "The Filipino Assassin" Nover at Fighthouse in New York City. (Coincidentally, this is the gym where I've been taking Muay Thai lessons for the last two months. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm pretty badass.) Anyway, Nover was cool enough to chat with me about his match-up with Efrain Escudero at the TUF 8 finale next Saturday, working as a registered nurse, living without bathroom privacy as a reality TV star, and his official prediction for Bader vs. Vinny; he also had a special shout-out for his Filipino fans. Later, he hit pads and rolled with a couple guys from his Team Insight crew, and tried to stay loose despite the fact that we were surrounded by a bunch of dudes with sniper rifles and one guy who was, no shit, wearing a terrorist-style dynamite vest (proof at the end of the video). Never a dull moment at Fighthouse. Thanks to Spike TV for the invite.



Argie said...

Awesome stuff! Anyone from PI asking you to do commercials and/or anything else yet? This is crazy! We are all rooting for you! Every Flip MMA fan is rooting for you!

Ingat ka!

Al said...

Best of luck!

As an American/Filipino, I prefer to watch you fight than Pacquiao box, boxing's boring (fixed).

You can/will be the next great filipino hero.